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Getting to Know PuppyDoc…

5 Things One Should Know About PuppyDoc

♦ The nickname ‘Puppy’ was granted by her peers in medical school who stated that Phoebe was “loyal, affectionate, and playful…just like a real live puppy…”

♦ Despite having been chased by a machete-wielding villager (the villager had a nightmarish dream that PuppyDoc was a witch…bless his heart) and getting malaria and Dengue fever multiple times, PuppyDoc continues to aspire to volunteer abroad. 

♦ PuppyDoc has a very large, squishy, soft spot in her heart reserved for the elderly.

♦ PuppyDoc has a very fluffy, affectionate cat named Samantha, whom she loves very much.

♦ Above all, Phoebe loves medicine and hopes that she never loses the joy of caring for others…

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Thank you so much, Elaine, from Pocket Full of Words, for nominating me for this award. You have a wonderfully enjoyable blog. I encourage all bloggers to visit her site to get a taste of her beautiful writing!

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  1. Nice read😊 thanks for sharing.

    I love it that we both share ‘soft spot for the elderly in common’
    I might get to work with you someday… You the Doc, I the nurse…☺️😜

    Thanks for the nomination.
    I am so grateful
    Only that I got me a new cub in the shadow. My hands re full for now, reason why I have been so silent on my blog.
    I do hope to return once my cub is strong enough… I will then reply to the nomination.
    Thanks again 😘

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