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If I Could Give the World a Gift…


Baby PuppyDoc’s grade school project.

If I could give the world a gift,
in a form simple, pure- a trifling shift-
some comfort to the day, a smile to your heart,
isdom for your soul, warmth to every part.

If I could give a gift that’s real,
each bruising stab, its wound would heal.
The scar resulting, to remain no more,
but a closure true, stilled to the core.

But if I could give a gift of mine,
what would it be but a drop in the Rhine?
A carbon in diamond, an atom of a stone-
What difference would it make, if made alone?

If I could give the world a gift,
true and honest, though slight, a lift-
to share my love ’til love’s no more.
May we flow this gift together…a drip into a pour.

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  1. Beautiful poem! And wow, was this (or at least the artwork) a “grade school project”? Your projects are so much more sophisticated (read: “better!”) than mine ever were! 🙂

    • Oh shucks…I don’t believe that! We all created masterpieces back then. But if you look closely, it really just looks like I was trying to get ready for a Miss. America pageant: “…everyone would be happy, and there wouldn’t be anymore wars.” 😀

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