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Dedicated to all whose compassion serves as a light in this world…

like a vessel of alabaster
rent for its salve
she is an ointment
poured forth
upon bleeding souls
and wounded flesh
a river of compassion
forged with an oath
fueled by a vision
those hands of clay
guided by light
skillfully molded
with a wisdom
paid with a price.

is this touch that
saves and soothes
comforts and mends
strength sustained
by the pulse of
a heart constrained
by its own calling
the candle within
softened by flame
its waxen tributary
a remembrance to
the joys and sorrows
gains and losses
moments treasured
in the care for mankind.

Phoebe Chi, MD
Phoebe Chi, MD

As a physician, clinical educator, and managing editor of PhoebeMD: Medicine + Poetry, Dr. Chi aims to inspire, educate, and empower the reader community. She is the author of Being Empowered for a Healthy Heart: A personal guide to taking control of your health while living with chronic conditions, a poetry-infused health guide, and founder of Pendants for a Cause, a nonprofit organization aimed toward helping others.

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  1. Dear Dr. Phoebe,
    I hope all is well with you. I have read your book at least a dozen times. You have accomplished somehing great.

    I feel so bad, for not doing a better job of keeping in touch. You are a most talented writer.
    Most Sincerely,
    Your Old Friend,

  2. Wow, this is a beautifully written poem. Love all the imagery. By the way, thank you so much for the follow. I really appreciate this.

  3. “moments treasured
    in the care for mankind”

    How wonderfully expressed. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my humble words. After seeing your words, I can say that in addition to helping people physically, you have the spiritual gift to see through their challenges. I’d love to read more from you with a hope that there are more healers out there like yourself.

  4. God, Phoebe, what a beautiful sentiment:
    “Dedicated to all whose compassion serves as a light in this world…”

    Thank you so much.
    You could do this as a post for Forgiving Fridays, if you ever wanted to. You are most welcome! <3 Sending you many blessings, and smiles 🙂

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