Holiday Across the Globe.

• Mahantantely, Madagascar •

Through my time spent abroad during the holiday seasons, I noticed something:
That despite our dissimilar lives, cultures, appearances, beliefs…
one thing never changes:

our love and compassion for one another. 


• Takoradi, Ghana •

Wishing everyone much love this December. 


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  1. So very true. Empathy and compassion really should be second nature to anyone doing it harder or suffering more than we are in life. Some people drop the ball on that one….but it is what it is.

  2. So true……….and the other thing I notice across the world is that there is joy in the most “difficult” of places no matter what the circumstances are, there are smiles of happiness and moments of joy.

    Hugs, Pam

  3. What a wonderful – and so easily seen open-eyed – observation. If mostpeople (to steal from Edward Estlin hisownself Cummings) were to look into a mirror they’d see everyone else and if that’s not a reason to grin full-bore I am unaware of a less-approachable truth. May our world continue long to see, feel, hear and read your joy. Thanks, Phoebe.

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