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I’m Calming Myself Down [a poem]

By Lance Merrick | Featured Contributor

Author’s Note: This poem is a mindfulness exercise that I use to help calm anxiety.


Feeling the room surround me
Testing each of my senses
Tasting sweet peppermint candy
Touching my feet to the ground
Seeing blue skies out my window
Hearing passing cars,
the bathroom fan,
My deep breathes and
the crunch of peppermint candy.

It takes about an hour to come around.
I’m calming myself down.


Lance Merrick
Lance Merrick

A freelance copywriter, my personal blog is my journey with bipolar 1 and PTSD. I graduated from the University of Texas in 1982 and am the father of two adult daughters.

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  1. Great poem, Lance! And thank you Phoebe for sharing more fantastic poetry/journeys!
    The poem brings to mind Samma Sati in the eightfold path-Right Mindfulness. Being aware of the mind, body and consciousness without attachment or judgement.
    Thanks for posting!

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