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Into Your Soul [a poem]

By Bernard Demaere | Featured Contributor

Let me take the time 
To look into your soul 
Into your window 
Perhaps I will see 
Your loneliness 
Your fear 
The emptiness of 
Your life. 
Let me help you 
Find the answer 
You need 
To live in the fullness 
And find joy and love

Bernard Demaere
Bernard Demaere

An author and poet born in Belgium, Bernard moved to Canada at the age of twenty and began writing poems soon after learning English. He is the author of Love Above All and has also published over 400 poems, including in the magazines Better than Starbucks and Peculiars.

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  1. My soul is very strong. My heart beats for every other heart of the world. Thank you for your poem Bernard, it is short and sweet.❤💐💐

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