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Veiled by shadows neath verdant timbers,
woolen skies’ tears dissolve to mist.
Fears immured by fragrant breezes,
doubts enfold with tendered kiss.

A promenade from frond to bloom,
a gentle nudge down path unknown.
Through sacred sites, its secrets saved,
this one she takes–she takes alone.

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  1. The foreboding image and the singular journey described in this lovely poem compliment each other so well that one is drawn in instantly. Thanks.

    • Hello Dean,

      I love your taste in music! 🙂

      It’s nice to meet you too. I read your other comments but given what you noted I won’t publish them on the blog. But if you would like to contact me another way, you are welcome to use the contact form, and I will respond via email.

      Have a great weekend, and take care. 🙂


  2. Hello Miss,
    I know you’re not going to believe this, but I’ve visited and read your site many, many times! I love your mind and the way it thinks in poetry. I too very much enjoy your artwork, the images are sometimes just as powerful as the words, maybe moreso. Thank you for liking my post yesterday, your visit was a surprise. Listen, let me be frank, I prefer to be direct. I’ve had several blogs and deleted them all within a short period of time. I candidly admit that I’m not very comfortable revealing my vulnerabilities. With that being said, I decided to take a chance with you. I never comment on sites, nor do I ever respond back to any comments left on my sites. I realize this trait isn’t very courteous and I’m trying with you. Perhaps you’d enjoy talking sometime through email. You have my address now. I think it would be quite nice to have another woman’s perspective on things; on art, jazz and writing etc… I would so love a friendship with the opposite sex that had no preconceived ideas, no judgements, and no unrealistic expectations. I’d also appreciate it if you’d delete this comment after you’ve read it. I’m not looking for likes or follows, and I certainly don’t wish to entertain folks that follow your site. Have a nice evening and weekend. I hope you can relax.

    Kindest thoughts,

  3. You certainly have a way with words, dear Doctor: rhythm, nuance, poetical sensibility, entwined with rich language, deep feeling, evidence of empathy, and disarming scientific specificity. I shouldn’t presume, to, ‘know’ you, but I can honor (and treasure, if you will), the ephemera of what you do. Welcome back, to ‘the fold’. You’ve been ‘missed’.

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