Encouraging Words

Just a Smile


“It was only a sunny smile,
and little it cost in the giving,
but like morning light
it scattered the night
and made the day
worth living.”

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

What makes you smile?


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  1. Oh, so many things. My relationship with Jehovah, my dog, my art, my music, writing my blog, oh and so much higher on this list than she made it my best friend, most positive person I know. My faith, clean jokes, learning. Oh yes I love to smile!

  2. this post makes me smile, the glorious weather we are having, seeing my granddaughter’s smile (she smiles with everything she has and smiles from the inside out)……….and seeing my “boys” makes me smile!

  3. Anything funny…
    sometimes life itself…
    my kids…
    a heartwarming story…
    Human kindness…
    My friends and people around me ❤️✌️

  4. When my students have success, it gives me a smile. Yesterday one of my students passed the U.S. citizenship test and is now a citizen. That gave me a smile.

  5. Your – graciously – liking a post which . . . I wasn’t sure lived up to the radical life of love I long to know in my experience. I wasn’t sure it did – until I perused your blog and realized that you would never endorse anything which wasn’t at least making a good faith effort to love. Thank you, really.

  6. A cup of coffee and my gratitude routine, as I use to wake up sad often but not in a few months and that make me super happy!

  7. Nothing brings a bigger smile to my face than the goofiness of my children. They can get me laughing… man, can they get me laughing.

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