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Let Us Care For One Another…

Dear friends,

May I tell you about someone? It’s about one courageous woman who has a beautiful heart who just happens to have a brain tumor. She has undergone surgery and a long bout of chemoradiation, and although she has fought hard and continues to fight to maintain the kind of ‘normal life’ someone as lucky as me would take for granted, she was forced to reach out.

Namely, she is at risk of losing one of the few ‘luxuries’ she has…her home.

Her father puts it plainly when he says, “Given that she has a small, one-bedroom apartment, with no cable TV and no Internet, looking for ways to cut further costs is a challenge.”

So how do I know her? Through her kind-hearted parents; her father actually has this wonderful blog—about his journey with their very special canine named Ray—that puts a smile on my face everyday.

I really want this blogging community to get to know them—both Melanie and her father, Colin. Not just for the purpose of ‘helping’ someone, but so you can get to know two wonderful people who exist in what can seem to be sometimes a rather discouraging world. And also because I am simply inspired by them.

So I’m going to provide some links for you:

💙  To get a glimpse of Melanie’s compassionate heart, click here to read her as she reflects upon a day of reaching out to some of the less fortunate in her community. 

💙 To get to know her father Colin and his awesome/adorable/hilarious canine buddy Ray (and also to read about Melanie)…click here and be cheered with a panoramic closeup of a big dog head!

To find out more about Melanie, her need, and how to lend a hand…please click on the heart below:


Wishing you all a much blessed day.

With love,

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