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Lights – A Poem

By Sharon Jeremiah Anuye | Featured Contributor

Sunlight blinding my sight
Skin glowing like diamonds
The trees swaying side to side
With the cool breeze blowing
Thinking out loud about
Where I was before.

It’s crazy everything went by
So fast, clearly I’ve lost some time
I just need to realign and design
Voices in my head thoughts rushing in
And out.

So I have to act fast, that’s why I write
So I don’t forget the necessary
And get my memories all right
I have so much plans, don’t know where
To start.

But I know deep down within my heart
That the Light is all I need…

To make my future bright.

Author Bio

PhoebeMD inspirational poetry blog Sharon

Sharon Anuye is a medical student aspiring to be a pediatrician and an inspirational blogger at Bryony Blog. She loves everything regarding health, family, and children and hopes to make an impact on the lives of people across the world.

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