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Little Luis.

• Monteagudo, Bolivia •

Meet little Luis– otherwise known as my partner in crime. He was a regular visitor to the hospital, as his father had tuberculosis and was undergoing a long course of treatment. 

Since the hospital was a scary place for Luis, we always tried to make the visit pleasant for him. In short, what began as innocent playing quickly escalated to mischievousness as little Luis and I discovered the treasure that was the hospital candy stash.

As you can imagine, the supply rapidly diminished into their tummies.

(But don’t worry; I later replenished the stolen candy with a fresh stock of Dum Dums.)



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  1. Hospitals can be fun! I can recall taking a rather depressed gentleman from Emerg (on a gurney) and up to his allocated Ward at around 2:00am… and getting lost on the way. We had a great time touring the hospital and riding various elevators… and he was in good spirits when we eventually found our destination. We should never underestimate the potential for a smile or two! 🙂

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