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Living [a poem]

By Markie Doczi | Featured Contributor

Love and compassion, sorrow and strife
An uneven rhythm, this opus called life
Fate she is fickle, one day you’re stuck
And the next you may have a stroke of good luck

Sometimes you’ll be sad, when we lose those we love
We evaluate life and the frailty thereof
Often the small things make living worthwhile
The laugh of a baby, a hug or a smile

Yesterday’s gone, tomorrow’s a bet
The heart can’t survive that is torn by regret
So follow your dreams, learn from mistakes
And always think twice on decisions you make

Author Bio


Markie Doczi is a 33-year-old author and poet from Middleport, Ohio. She aspires to relate to people with her poetry, touching on many real life issues and situations. Markie is the author of Beneath the Old Oak Tree, a collection of original poetry, and she is also currently pursuing professional publication of her historical fiction, Blue Heaven’s Tent.

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  1. If to think twice
    To decide once
    What is my life
    But calculated rhythms
    I want one where meter
    Don’t matter
    Verse just flows
    And seeds they scatter
    For life is about both
    Living and loving 🙂

  2. Life definitely has its ups and downs, we cannot know joy without sadness. Speaking to that I just lost my kitty cat unexpectedly a few days ago and am still processing that. They teach us so much about resilience and unconditional love. 💗

    • Hi Courtney, thanks so much for your comment! I am a cat person for sure, and it is devastating when they die. And it’s so much worse when people run over your animals (I live in the country) and never even stop to tell you or at least apologize! That happened to one of my babies last summer 😔
      I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. I write a lot about grief as well, you’ll have to come visit my site 🙂

        • I’m sorry, sometimes people can and sometimes they can’t- I never have quite ironed out all the bugs linking my blog to the reader! There’s a subscribe option on my site (scroll down if you’re on a cell phone).

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