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Love [a poem]

By Markie Doczi | Featured Contributor

It isn’t always fireworks
In cinema depicted,
It may be present in a heart
But hidden from the eye;
Sometimes there’s no room for it
Til hate has been evicted,
Cloaked in angry, bitter words
Revealed within a sigh

Some embrace it cautiously,
For others it’s profound
Viewed by some as weakness,
A pit for falling in;
Too often it’s a treasure
Still waiting to be found,
For some a mark upon their heart
Who’ve loved and lost again

As a soul beyond the body,
True love never dies
It can strike like lightning,
You can fall but can’t be shoved;
Whispered nothings, blushing cheeks
Or platonic family ties…
No matter the laws of the universe,
The world would not be without love.

Markie Doczi
Markie Doczi

Markie Doczi is a freelance writer and poet from Middleport, Ohio. She has many hobbies and interests but writing is her métier. Her accomplishments include one self-published collection of poetry, Beneath the Old Oak Tree; one frustrating novel (over 200 rejections so far!), and another in the works. Markie aspires to inspire; find her at her writing blog, South Paw Poet, or her craft/hobby blog, Green Gemini.

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    • Thank you so much. I hope you’ll visit my site and read more of my poetry! I was intrigued by the name of your blog and just visited your page. I love seeing how other people write, and your technique is different from mine and interesting!

    • Under where it says ‘visit her blog’, there is a link you can click on to submit your own work. Good luck!

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