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Love [a poem]

By Markie Doczi | Featured Contributor

It isn’t always fireworks
In cinema depicted,
It may be present in a heart
But hidden from the eye;
Sometimes there’s no room for it
Til hate has been evicted,
Cloaked in angry, bitter words
Revealed within a sigh

Some embrace it cautiously,
For others it’s profound
Viewed by some as weakness,
A pit for falling in;
Too often it’s a treasure
Still waiting to be found,
For some a mark upon their heart
Who’ve loved and lost again

As a soul beyond the body,
True love never dies
It can strike like lightning,
You can fall but can’t be shoved;
Whispered nothings, blushing cheeks
Or platonic family ties…
No matter the laws of the universe,
The world would not be without love.

Markie Doczi
Markie Doczi

Markie Doczi is a freelance writer, poet, and stepmom from Middleport, Ohio. She aspires to relate to people with her poetry, offering encouragement and understanding of situations that others may be going through. Her accomplishments include one self-published collection of poetry, Beneath the Old Oak Tree, and others that are in the works. You can connect with her at her writing blog, South Paw Poet, or her craft/hobby blog, Green Gemini.

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