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Lover Is the Sun at Night [a poem]

By Michael Sean Erickson | Featured Contributor

Lover is the sun at night
Held only in your sleep
Secret other lost to sight
But in your heart so deep.

Sunlight dances in a dream
Spotted steps upon a stage
A kiss as hot as lover’s steam
Locked inside your little cage.

Curtains fall; a stage is swept
Hope the tired dancer’s vest
Tossed aside in darkness kept
The blackest hour of your rest.

Then comes back a sunny stroll
Dappled steps through blinds
A lover dressed in sparkled coal
Lifting eyes from binds.

Mindful that though light is day
‘Tis hope when darkest night
A serenade when all seems gray
A lover cloaked in hidden bright.

Author Bio
Author Bio

Michael Sean Erickson is a film producer, actor, writer, and blogger in Los Angeles.

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