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• Monteagudo, Bolivia •

Puppydoc, in her usual fashion, seems to befriend animals wherever she goes. This particular companion was one who lived adjacent to the hospital…and whom Puppydoc would visit whenever she just needed some time alone.


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  1. many years ago, I would go on a walk anytime I saw a particular friend along this route near his home. the same horse was there every time. and he would let my friend and any others with us pet him. I, the “animal person” of our group, was not allowed near him; the horse was not fond of me.

    this cow looks much more pleasant. lol.

  2. In 2010, I lived in a Convent in France for two weeks. Every morning we had fresh milk for our wonderful french coffee. The milk was brought in by the bucket from their dairy. When I remarked about it, the Sisters laughed and told me about Marguerite LaVache! So I went out to thank Marguerite, but our conversation was limited…. She doesn’t speak English!

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