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Out of the Weeds [a poem]

By Cynthia Cady Stanton | Featured Contributor

You would think
that by the time we reach maturity,
we would know how
to make the way clear
for ourselves…
And yet,
the patterns continue –
the ones that
face-plant us amidst
the tangle around us.
Those frustrating weeds
of all we hang onto
have pinned us down
and left us feeling powerless.

We still have those times when
we forget how to breathe
and Life itself
needs to breathe for us –
teaching the way from
gasps to sighs to
calming deep breaths.
Eventually, with this fortified
and nurturing air,
we become strong enough,
to be receptive to our own truth.
We are ready to
trust our own insights –
and we can stand free
amidst the tangle
before us..
We understand that
Weeds are just flowers
with an angry history –
and compassion finds us.
Only then can we be
safe and whole even
amidst the weeds.

So, when on the ground,
look up –
examine what has been planted..
Drop the fear of harm
and tripping.
Really see the beauty before you.
Each bud and leaf
represents a lesson gained.
Know that the weeds with the thickest stems
and biggest thorns
have been planted by you
and you alone.
Those are the most stubborn
to pull from the ground –
for their roots are hardened
and run deep.
They require more focus
and strength.
Honor them all.

Once truly witnessed,
these trip wires
have fulfilled their purpose
and the way is made clear.
Do you understand?
Love the weeds.
Elevate each one of them,
giving thanks for their wisdom bestowed.
Wake up to the ways
you have cluttered your own path.
Please don’t despair –
for everyone has weeds on their trail.
The way to freedom
is born in taking responsibility…
elevating the pain we have been feeling,
bowing to it,
and setting it free.
You do not need it anymore
for you have arisen from the rubble

We can clear our own path
if we are brave enough
to nurse the skinned knees and
to cry its tears.
So, pull each weed
and lift it up to the bright blue sky.
You have found your way through.
You can now move forward
and live in joy.
You can be a blessing for the world.

About the Poet - Cynthia Cady Stanton
About the Poet – Cynthia Cady Stanton

Cynthia Cady Stanton is a hospice chaplain, writer, and speaker. In addition to being a regular contributor to PhoebeMD.com, her inspirational blog, Becoming and Beholding, can be described as “an exploration of a personal journey of awakening.” She is currently available to provide spiritual services and counseling to those in need.

If you would like your writing to be considered for publication on Health + Inspiration, visit here for information regarding submissions.

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