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Poetic Odyssey [a poem]

By Robert Rittel | Featured Contributor

The spiritual quest to explore,
the theory of mind and its score.
Parallels of circumstance,
testing the intellect to advance.
Narratives on individual psychology,
complexity of thought throughout history.
Considerations beyond the bound of tale,
the struggle to survive as soul cannot fail.
Emotional depth of sea that inspire,
trusting matters of the experiences dire.
Epic psychology and its dilemma,
Cyclopes and Hydras forever.
The story of love that waits,
mutual recognition and opening,
the golden gates.

Robert Rittel
Robert Rittel

Robert grew up in a St. Franciscan orphanage at Maria Laach, where his schooling and talents created an apprenticeship to become a chef. Robert developed a great sense for textures and flavors with resonance, while timing and discipline proved itself with given responsibilities. By 35, Robert met his wife from South Africa and operated a restaurant in Franschhoek, the Gourmet Capital in South Africa. A powerful new horizon opened his spirituality by being introduced to astrology. The language of symbolism and celestial imagery fuels his creativity and poetic expression.

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