Silly Samantha Sundays

Pouty Samantha Sunday.

Even though Samantha obviously didn’t feel like it, we [both] would still like to wish you all a happily peppy February day.


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  1. Dear Dr. Phoebe,

    I hate to say it, but I saw this coming. Before you know it, Samantha is going to be demanding gourmet cat food, expensive toys and only the best catnip. And then she’ll be demanding one of those high-tech orthopedic cat beds for her naps.

    They say at one time, Garfield was a humble alley cat before he got discovered and became famous. It’s the fame thing. It’s happened to the most humble cats. They get a little fame and notoriety and then they get pouty and start putting demands on their Mommy.

    If you don’t mind me giving some advice. Remind dear sweet Samantha that her fans love her and not to get too much of a swelled head with all this fame.

    Oh well, watcha gonna do? Cats will be cats!

    Your friend,

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