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Promote Your Blog [closed]

Dear Friends—can you believe it’s already July?! This week, I again open up for another Meet & Greet event. I originally started this on PhoebeMD: Medicine + Poetry as a dedicated time for bloggers to come together to share their work, make new connections, and expand their blog audiences. In short: a chance to promote yourself and your blogs. This is your time to shine!

The guidelines, like always, are simple…

– To Promote Your Blog or Post –

Step 1

Select a blog post that you would like to share with others.

◊ Step 2

Tell us a little bit about your post and copy and paste the link to it.

◊ Step 3

Start networking! Use my Comment Section to chat/connect with one another and make your presence known; take advantage of this time and platform to interact with other bloggers. The more love you give, the more you will receive in return. Those who actively use this post to network with others find that they experience more encouraging results than those who just leave a link and run.

◊ Step 4

Feel free to spread the word by sharing or reblogging! Then bookmark this page and revisit as many times as you would like to explore new arrivals. We often get bloggers who join in later, so there are always new blogs to explore.

On these days, I turn off comment moderation to allow you all to easily converse with one another on this post. So feel free to use this platform to chat and network.

Let’s make this a great Meet & Greet event!

With love,

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  1. Thank you Phoebe for this opportunity, even though I am late on the train of sharing what my site is about. My blog is an abundance of poems, photography, personal development & whatever that comes to mind. All my work & pictures can be accessed from this link:

  2. Hello! I love your work, and I’d just like to thank you for granting me this promotional opportunity.

    I write short stories and poetry about a whole range of topics. There isn’t necessarily a single topic that comes to mind. But it might help to know that I am extremely interested in the dark academia aesthetic – a way of life that promotes art, literature, and the pursuit of beauty. I try to reflect these ideas in my work. I have an Instagram account (@iestyntudorpoet) where I post shorter poetry. But I will be using my website to publish longer pieces. I also hope to engage with many of you on WordPress 🙂

    I am bringing my website back from the dead. I haven’t used it for a long while, so I am overhauling everything. All of my work will be available for you to read and eventually purchase from my website. Connecting with all of you sounds amazing – I am sure the talent on this site is immeasurable. Here’s the link to my website:

    Please stay tuned for more work!

  3. Thank you so much Phoebe! Such a great idea. My blog is all about the tiny tweaks we can make to help us on our journey to health and happiness. I talk about all sorts of things but always with a positive attitude, a motivational quote or two and suggestions for some tiny tweaks! I do a lot of research for my posts to make sure they are accurate snd helpful so only post once a week. Here’s the link – hope you enjoy it!

  4. *returns after delivery*
    I HAVE RETURNED! The pregnancy was tough, and the labor and delivery took interesting turns of events, BUT we are all okay.

    Our daughter has that vampire sleep schedule, and act like a total angel when she’s held by daddy. *rolls my eyes playfully* Anyway, I made a blog post I want to share with everyone. I am also going to lurk random blogs and share the shit outta the awesome posts that’s highly attention grabbing. I love sharing interesting information and unique writers.

    Here’s my blog post (and blog). All I ask for is to spread the word and guide the right people to the right place. I am big with education and style, so more awareness the better. Thank you so much!!!

    My Favorite Link:

  5. Thankyou Phoebe, I have a blog that dedicated to interior design. It is the blog where you will find all your doubts related to interiors. No matter if its a budget friendly decor, decor for rented apartment, redecorating or designing from scratch, we have got you covered. Do visit my blog at:

  6. Thank you Phoebe – it’s been a while I was going back to some old posts from 2016 and you were kind enough to become one of my first commenters and readers. I’m still here after 6 years snd six months with metastatic breast cancer. My blog, and the friendships that have grown out of those words has become a central part of my life. Thank you for the early encouragement and I hope to read others blogs and hope they’ll take a read on mine. I always follow back and always take the time to respond to the comments I get – it leads to important conversations ❤️ Ilene