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Promote Your Blog [closed]

Dear Friends—can you believe it’s already July?! This week, I again open up for another Meet & Greet event. I originally started this on PhoebeMD: Medicine + Poetry as a dedicated time for bloggers to come together to share their work, make new connections, and expand their blog audiences. In short: a chance to promote yourself and your blogs. This is your time to shine!

The guidelines, like always, are simple…

– To Promote Your Blog or Post –

Step 1

Select a blog post that you would like to share with others.

◊ Step 2

Tell us a little bit about your post and copy and paste the link to it.

◊ Step 3

Start networking! Use my Comment Section to chat/connect with one another and make your presence known; take advantage of this time and platform to interact with other bloggers. The more love you give, the more you will receive in return. Those who actively use this post to network with others find that they experience more encouraging results than those who just leave a link and run.

◊ Step 4

Feel free to spread the word by sharing or reblogging! Then bookmark this page and revisit as many times as you would like to explore new arrivals. We often get bloggers who join in later, so there are always new blogs to explore.

On these days, I turn off comment moderation to allow you all to easily converse with one another on this post. So feel free to use this platform to chat and network.

Let’s make this a great Meet & Greet event!

With love,

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  1. Hey !! this is snowflake and I am really very glad to intoduce my self.
    I have joined this stupendous platform since, two month .
    I have posted almost eleven to twelve post.
    I usually write about the poetry, my experiences ,about science facts, so

  2. Hi. First of all, this such a great idea! I’m Stefan and I write about things that we often don’t have the words to describe. I’m a literature student so hey. Here’s something I wrote about our obsession with the loss of potential. The post has some original artwork and my own interpretation of Hemingway’s Snows of Kilimanjaro. Can’t wait to read some other posts and connect. Much love to you all.

  3. So I’m late to the part! But thanks, Phoebe for yet again providing a platform to share and contribute!

    Post Type: Poetry
    Post Name: hollow
    About the Post: Ever found yourself caught up in a feeling where you want to fill yourself with something or someone. Or you are constantly on a run to find something new – or a distraction? If so, read along – hollow is poem I wrote feeling just that.

  4. Hey Phoeba thanks for this opportunity I really appreciate that!
    I am new to this blogging world and I really wanna inspire people around me and I really think my blogs do the justice if anyone is interested to follow my blog do check it out🙂