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Dear friends, 

It is no secret that I value this WordPress community and that I enjoy each one of your wonderful blogs. Therefore, today will be a Meet-and-Greet, where I welcome each of you to promote yourself on

– What to Do –

  1. Leave a comment with a description of your blog along with a link to your blog or favorite post (be sure to copy the entire web address so it shows up as a hyperlink to allow others to easily visit you).
  2. Take a minute to visit some of the other blogs listed in the comments (Don’t be shy—make your presence known by reaching out and liking and/or following!). 
  3. Feel free to share or reblog this post to spread the word.
  4. Bookmark this post and revisit as many times as you would like to see who else has joined the party.

Remember, one of the best things about blogging is being able to connect with other bloggers…and the best way to do that is simply to visit the blogs that interest you and to show your support through liking, commenting, and/or following. The more love you spread, the more you will receive. So go ahead and reach out; you will be surprised at the connections you make!

With that said, let’s make this an awesome Labor Day Meet & Greet!

With love,

Phoebe 💙

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  1. I’m here a little/lot late. I am very new to the blogging world, something I’ve always wanted to do. I am originally from Guyana, South America but have been here for over 30 yrs. Loves reading, nature, photography, God, learning about new cultures and just about anything I can learn. My blog is about my journey through life at present, basically just recording my thoughts. I love reading and following other blogs.
    Please visit me at;
    Thank you to Phoebe for this wonderful idea, as I am frankly a ‘bit lost’ out there, lol.

  2. Thanks Phoebe for another meet n greet! I’m a bit late in joining in as I just had shoulder surgery. It really is interfering with my life. I am a self confessed addict; I love fabric! Sorting, fondling, cutting, sewing, creating and quilting! I’m also a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother! Can life get better than that? Stop by if you’d like a peak at my adventures. It’s always great to meet new friends? Cheers 😄 Carol

  3. Hi 😀 It’s so difficult to access other links! Anyway, I’m ready a collaboration or an easy way to carry forward thoughts in different ways:) This is my goal 🙂 My blog is this ” ” and I try to do something of good through many social and humanities messages 🙂 Great work Phoebe and with Love you too 😀

  4. Hi from England! Thanks, Phoebe for liking my post!

    Well, I’m Firelite and I’m new to the blogging world! I blog about my journey to financial independence. 🙂 I also like to call it Life 2.

    Next year, I’ll quit my career to spend a year doing what I want to do, with a later goal of early retirement also to do what I want to do.

    The blog is about personal development, saving, investing, frugality and working out what I want to do. Thank you! 🙂

  5. Hey everyone,

    Just realized that something like this exists. Probably breaking some rules here, but I’m glad to be here and if you have a spare second, why not drop by for look see. No pressure, love to see what you got too!! Happy Writing!

  6. I did not know about this until you showed up on my blog today. Wsnted to thsnk you for stopping in ! Thank you and I’m glad you took time to drop by!