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Dear Friends,

One of the things I have come to love about blogging is seeing you all make connections with each other during our Meet & Greet days. Therefore, I would like to give you all more opportunities to promote your blogs on – while adding some creativity to the process.

Therefore, here are the guidelines for today…

– To Promote Your Post –

Step 1: Share something that would put a smile on another person’s face. This could be a word of encouragement or something funny/inspirational/heartfelt.

Step 2: Share a hyperlink to a blog post and/or your blog homepage. 

Step 3: Show support to one another through visiting and liking, commenting, and/or following blogs that interests you.

Step 4: Bookmark this post and revisit as many times as you would like to explore new arrivals.


Let’s make this a great Promote-a-Post day…you never know whose heart you will touch!


Phoebe 💙

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  1. Thank you Phoebe!

    I thought I’d share one of my Blogmas posts from last year (I’m sorry if it’s too early for Christmas for you, it is for me, but still …).
    I needed to say something that would put a smile on someone’s face – I have a history blog – I want to send good karma to folk but I don’t have a lot of ‘fun’ on my blog!
    There’s a great discussion over this song and another Christmas novelty song! It was such a fun post to write and lots of fun discovering a previously unheard of Christmas song!

  2. Hi everyone! I’m Marcie from Prairie Chick. I write a “lifestyle” blog on the Canadian prairies, focusing on recipes, DIYs and Home Improvements.
    Here’s one of my latest DIYs, a Pumpkin Vase Centerpiece for fall:

    And, since Phoebe has requested we include something that makes people smile, I want to share that my favourite television show is The Office – who doesn’t love that show? 🤷‍♀️

  3. Hi, I am Tee. I believe that poetry gives sense of meaning. That its great for the soul and it shows how beautiful a person mine can be. I thin with poetry, comes friendship and love. It’s so amazing seeing people who love what they do.

    My blog is about the poetry I write and the poetry I love. and if you love poetry, please check out my “Fave Poem of the Week”

    Come over and lets love poetry together

  4. Hello, everyone. My name’s Srikaran, from India. I’ve been writing poetry ever since I was a kid, so much so that it became my daily essential. Most of them deal with topics like love, heartbreak and a variety of other things. I also published a poetry book recently titled, “Love-struck and Sick in the Head.”
    I mostly post poetry on my blog –
    All I want to let you know is that the dark times you’re going through are weaker than your individual, which should encourage you to fight it. And trust me, it will be very one-sided.
    Thank you! 🙂

  5. Hello everyone. We all sometimes fall into states of unproductivity and are hard on ourselves for not living up to our expectations, but everything that happens to us is an experience from which we learn. It is never too late to start a new hobby and discover a new passion; you just need to think about what you truly desire in life and go after it, putting aside the things that have been inhibiting your progress. Work hard and be happy with your efforts.

    My blog, which is about self-discovery and motivation to live a more fulfilling life:

    Thanks and have a great day!

  6. There are still great people in this world regardless of all the evil going around. Don’t wallow in sadness for dreams not achieved. There are so many great things in front of you, just open your eyes and appreciate them.
    I have a recent post on friendship. I got great friends supporting me all the way up.The Bond Of Friendship❤️
    Let’s connect, I’m ready for new friends..

  7. Hello, everyone. I’m Luna from Indonesia. I believe that written words can be more powerful and impactful than spoken words because written words are everlasting. Although the writer will die someday, but he’s immortal in his writings. My blogsite is
    If you’re willing to check my recent post, here it is
    Warm regards.

  8. Hi everyone! I am Bhagyashree! I believe that everything that goes downhill in our lives, happen for a reason. It is a an opportunity to find our inner strength and to prove to ourselves we are stronger, tougher and more courageous than we think. The moment we decide to take the reins of control in our hands, problems shrink in half and we already are victorious.
    I have written a poem titled I am a big girl now, mother on the same theme. I hope it inspires you enough to find your strength change your perspective towards life.
    You can also check my blog for similar posts at INK AND THOUGHTS .
    Looking forward to hear from you.😊

  9. Hi there! Ofir at
    I live in a Self-Awareness center, and I just see how all of us can benefit from these simple reminders of being happy, living consciously, nourishing well-being,,, so I am here to share what I am going through at the center and inspire all of us that if something isn’t working for us, we can change it, absolutely.

    My last post was about making a change –

    I hope you like it! xx

  10. Hi, Thomas at here.
    As a cancer survivor my message is: No matter how difficult things may seem, you can get through and out the other side.
    My most recent post, just published, is:
    Look forward to hearing from some of you 🙂