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Meet & Greet [closed]

Dear Friends,

One of the things I have come to love about blogging is seeing you all make connections with each other during our Meet & Greet days. Therefore, I would like to give you all more opportunities to promote your blogs on – while adding some creativity to the process.

Therefore, here are the guidelines for today…

– To Promote Your Post –

Step 1: Share something that would put a smile on another person’s face. This could be a word of encouragement or something funny/inspirational/heartfelt.

Step 2: Share a hyperlink to a blog post and/or your blog homepage. 

Step 3: Show support to one another through visiting and liking, commenting, and/or following blogs that interests you.

Step 4: Bookmark this post and revisit as many times as you would like to explore new arrivals.


Let’s make this a great Promote-a-Post day…you never know whose heart you will touch!


Phoebe 💙

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  1. Hi Everyone, My name is Dara. I believe in sharing love and kindness with the world, a drop of kindness, a smile, a hug is enough to make a difference, to heal the world and essentially make it a better place. Thank you Phoebe for this kind gesture 😄😊. I’m grateful for this blogging community, it’s so amazing to discover so many like minds and make the most unlikely associations with people all over the world. Keep writing, keep blogging, keep expressing yourself. Your words can bring life to a weary soul. Cheers guys. You can check out my blog at

  2. Hello Everyone.
    I come from Africa and I feel happy to connect with my fellow bloggers from all around the globe.Firstly, I want to thank you Phoebe for giving us this platform to connect.Writing on this blog is something I love doing effortlessly. My latest blog is about positivity and rewarding evil with goodness.The only weapon to beat your evil friend, jealousy relative is love.I also talk about prayers and alot more.
    This is my link

    Bless you all lovely friends.

      • Hi Dara. Nice to meet you too. I have read your blog posts and they are truly amazing especially the one about trusting in God.I was listening to Dr.Myles Munroe on You tube where he talks about understanding the meaning for your existence, he talks about trusting in God and then I found your blog.I believe you are a blessing.God bless you.

  3. You are special and will always be…so always keep smiling and if you are in any stress always remember this too shall pass..
    Thanks a lot are doing a good deed trying to help other bloggers selflessly.God bless!!

  4. Hello! My name is Dara. I’m from Chicago. I am a aspiring writer and future psychiatrist (manifesting it). My blog talks about mental health, self love, and self care in the black community. My blog site is
    My message is you are not your trauma. Your pain won’t last forever ✨