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Pull Us Closer to Love

By Cynthia Cady Stanton | Featured Contributor

Everyday, a wilderness
a challenge,
a pain…
Our hearts and souls
are hard at work.
The world is in turmoil
and cannot be ignored.
We struggle together.
I pray for all of us…

Help us to sort
what is real
and what is not.
Help us to ride the waves of trouble
and not topple over.
Help us to see
what You see
with clear eyes
and hold the vision
of what is possible.

You are the keel
which stabilizes us.
You are the roots
that hold us to solid ground.
Let truth be our shield.
And let Love be our immunity.
Pull us closer
to them both –
right here,
right now.

Don’t allow the sickness we see
to penetrate us.
We cannot be helpful
if we let the poison within.
We can only be infected
and suffer more.
We know who we are.
We know what is just.
We trust what is possible.
We can remain strong
and effective
as we lift our voices

We listen for Your response.
As we raise our arms
and stretch towards you,
pull us closer to Love.
This is our fervent prayer.
Our lips will continue to repeat this
until it is done.
Pull us closer to Love!

We long to hear its heartbeat.

Author Bio

PhoebeMD Poetry Blog Cynthia

Cynthia Cady Stanton is a hospice chaplain, writer, and speaker. Her inspirational blog, Becoming and Beholding, can be described as “an exploration of a personal journey of awakening.” She is currently available to provide spiritual services and counseling to those in need.


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