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Puppydoc on…YouTube?

One may have noticed something peculiar about Puppydoc’s posts this past week…in that they contained videos of her.

It is true: Puppydoc has decided to start showing her puppy face to those in her world who would want to see it.

As for Samantha, she has yet to hop on board (she feels she needs to lose some fluff before she is presentable for the camera), but I’m trying to convince her that she is beautiful no matter the degree of rotundity.

So if the idea of watching Puppydoc entices you, come on over for a visit!


With that said, I hope you enjoyed the photo of the meditating lemur.

With love,

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  1. One needn’t look very far in the daily news to see what we might be like without a modicum of self-doubt, and one hesitates to be a flatterer, but this one (with a modicum of humility), finds the good doctor a good deal beyond ‘presentable’, in word, deed, effect, and affect, at least to my ears and eyes, and sensibilities. In fact, this one, with a note of appreciation and encouragement, says, “Press on!”

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