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Quiet Heart [a poem]

By Lori Zybala | Featured Contributor

Calmly – you push back the linen curtain
Filtered light brushes along your face

Stillness greets the day
Pericardium envelopes the heart

One step back
Taking in your surroundings
Nowhere to be, but in the present
this very moment!

The inhale – a soft whisper
Exhale greets the receiving light

Heart centers in the knowing
The quiet – a long lost friend

Comforted – turning 
Minute smile greets the day

Mystery – understanding
Breathing in an invisible ray

Lori Zybala ('Ecopoet')
Lori Zybala (‘Ecopoet’)

I am a Canadian-based writer who writes poetry to intertwine the musings of the mind related to human existence, nature, and a love of language. To me, poetry is a natural extension, a paper-and-pencil union of the conscious and subconscious mind joining together. Silence is the gift to the mind and sharing words onto a page is a natural release—this is why I love to write.

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