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The Quiet Stepmom [a poem]

By Markie Doczi | Featured Contributor

You aren’t in the frames
But you’re the one behind the lens
Not always at the starting gate
But cheering at the end

Your step-kids cannot see at first
You’re here for their own good
They only see you in the spot
Where once their mother stood

You try so hard to do it right
But every day you fail,
Feeling like the villain
In a Cinderella tale

But then a moment lifts you up
When you’ve done something right
And your step-kids come to you
When they need help or advice

They may not have your eyes or nose
But they will watch and learn
So keep leading by example
And you’ll see a return

Our presence often goes unseen
But we can see each other
We are the silent cheerleaders-
We are the stepmothers.

Markie Doczi
Markie Doczi

Markie Doczi is a freelance writer, poet, and stepmom from Middleport, Ohio. She aspires to relate to people with her poetry, offering encouragement and understanding of situations that others may be going through. Her accomplishments include one self-published collection of poetry, Beneath the Old Oak Tree, and others that are in the works. You can connect with her at her writing blog, South Paw Poet, or her craft/hobby blog, Green Gemini.

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