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Like arid petals
stirred by
Zephyr’s cries, 
your words
have kindled
a dying flame…

So let storms
be borne of 
Sahara’s hands
while I hide
in your embrace
amidst the rain.

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  1. Dr. Phoebe,
    Very subtle and clever repetitive use of the short a sound and the long a sound. So, that the rhyme actually exists in the center of words.
    This poem has a reminiscing quality of the echo of the late great Rod McKuen’s meter. This poem is uniquely yours, there is no doubt. But it has that meter, that rhythm, the subtlety of the goneby era of the Greenwich Village beatnik era.
    This poem brings me back, to the time when I once led poetry readings in various New Jersey bookstores.
    A great poem!

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