SkyDeath & Loss

To Rhonda.


Almost a year ago, I wrote something for your daughter.


I never thought at that time that soon I would be writing similar lines for you.

So as I try to find ways to make sense of the pain of finding out that you left us, just as Kaitlyn had left us, I can only come out with these words…

…That through your daughter’s passing,
you had come into our lives.

Through your pain,
the world was moved.

Through your words,
 eyes were opened.

Through your tears,
hearts were touched, lives changed.

And through your perseverance,
Kaitlyn lived on.

But even as you worked unceasingly,
Your soul continued to break, your heart grieved.

And now you are again with your daughter, your bright shining star.

Goodbye, Rhonda. Now you can finally rest.

◊ A Poem Dedicated to the Memory of Rhonda ◊


 Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower, we will find… rather… strength in what remains behind…

•      •      •

.For those who may not have known Rhonda, here are the links to her writing.

My Bright Shining Star: A Mother’s True Story of Brilliance, Love, and Suicide

My Bright Shining Star, a blog

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    I was reading your post today and saw this one on the bottom to Rhonda. Almost exactly a year ago i recorded a piece of music of music for a niece, named Rhonda, who died unexpectedly in her early mid 40’s at her last day of work, packing up her office because she ands her husband were moving the next day to move closer to their twin boys now in college. It rocked the family with its suspended. I recorded a piece of music for her called “Life Interrupted”. I was thinking maybe the family of your Rhonda might like it.

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