Humanitarian Work

Sad Days.


Quillacollo, Bolivia

Back at the orphanage,
Juan mourns over his friend,
who had recently passed away.

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    • Yes…too young…but unfortunately, Juan’s story is not uncommon to hear. Many children at the orphanage have had to deal with loss one way or another…as you can imagine… 🙁

  1. Oh, this is such a sad image, Phoebe. And your words are just perfect — stark, minimal, powerful. So sad that someone so young has to experience grief so soon.

    • You know…I noticed that most of the children at the orphanage were quite mature for their age, which I think is a result of having experienced so many difficult things so early in life. Juan’s story is not uncommon… :-/

      • I’m not surprised at that. I think experience of death does age, or rather mature, a child, even beyond his/her years. Very sad, but it’s true.

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