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Yes. I am Silly Saman.


I am Samantha. The cat! I know it may seem very strange hearing from me, especially on this blog, as I normally let my human do the writing while I carry out my ornamental role of being, quite simply and happily, the ‘affectionately rotund feline’ in PuppyDoc’s blog world.

But today will be different as I give PuppyDoc a break while I take the reins as well as the laptop and introduce to those who are interested a small peek into my life. I don’t think my human will mind.

As you know, my name is really Samantha. But my human likes to call me ‘Saman,’ not ‘Sam’ or ‘Sammy’, which I find kind of funny. Sometimes she even calls me ‘her little lemur,’ though I don’t see the resemblance at all…

Lemur  Samantha

I like my human a lot. She snuggles with me, cuddles with me, and sometimes, she’ll hold me straight up high in the air while going “WEEE!” I can see lots of things when she does that, like the top of her head, the funny bumpy ceiling, the occasional shriveled insect on top of the bookshelf…things I don’t normally get to see. It’s all very interesting.

I also like it when my human baby talks in Chinese to me. Why baby talk…and why in Chinese…I’m not really sure. But I don’t mind.

Now my goal each day is to make my human smile. One way I do this is through dramatic posturing. For example, something like this…


or this…


…anything to make her say “Aww…silly Saman!”…a statement that always makes me warm and fuzzy.

Oh dear… my human is calling for me. I better go.

Thank you so much for reading! I am humbled. I bet my human will be so proud when she finds out I can blog…just like her…

Happy Meeew Year!





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  1. Hi Saman,
    Just as well I put my dogs outside before I said hello. They love cats but not in the way you would like. I love your very photogenic cat poses and wish I could contort myself without breaking something. While your human is on the doctor end of the medical field, I am all too frequently a patient…I even managed to break my foot walking on grass despite being able to ski for 5 days without falling at all. Mind you, when you ski you wear big supportive boots and you glide over the bumpy bits on the ground. I think you’d like skiing. It’s a lot of fun. My dogs are keen to try it out after hearing about the “snow bunnies”. You’d probably like them too.
    Well, I’ll say good night now xx Rowena

    • Hello Rowena! You know, I was having such a mundane day today…but then your ‘hello’ put a big smile on my face! Your doggies sound like a lot of fun. I quite like doggies myself…but sometimes they don’t like me so much, and that makes me sad. My human actually tells me I’m like a doggy in a lot of ways (I don’t know what she means by that but I take it as a compliment!). And btw…I have never seen snow in my entire life!

      Please tell your doggies I said hello! Sending warm, furry wishes your way. 😀

      • Well, everybody always likes to get a bit of mail and know someone cares, even if that mail arrives electronically these days.
        My dogs are having a rather mellow day. It’s so hot here and they are dreaming of their ancestral home back in Scotland where their thick fur coats were much more appropriate. My dogs haven’t seen snow either…worse like they say. They could use some right now! xx Rowena

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