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waning buds

to fragrant blooms

withered blossoms

now renewed

amethyst petals

lace the ground…

Your words are

a ballad to




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  1. It’s really windy where I am this morning. I saw some flower petals drifting past the window like snow flakes. A prelude to your poem. Very nice.

  2. Dear Dr. Phoebe,

    You do so very well in finding the depth of the simple things of life. Beautiful poem.

    I don’t think you realize it, but you are leading the revolution in modern medicine. Like so many facets of our modern society, medical care has fallen into the trap of feeling some crazy need to impress the patient with gizmos, electronics, whistles and bells of this high-tech and computer age. The price paid is a certain loss of sensitivity and caring for the patient, that was so prevalent and main stream a few decades ago.

    Just before I left for chiropractic college, my old medical doctor shared something with me. This kind gentleman had been my doctor from my early childhood. He did not have a nurse, he did not have any office help at all. He had a home office set up.

    In the top desk drawer, on the left hand side, of his big oak desk he had a cigar box. He charged his patients a nominal fee for his care and treatments. He would place your payment in his old beat-up cigar box.

    One time, just before I left to go to chiropractic college, he told me that he relied heavily upon intuition, his gut feelings, his own inner guidance, in how he treated and cared for his patients. He was one of the wisest men whom I have ever known.

    He made house calls. He carried a certain element of humility. He was a man of the Jewish faith, and he would often say that he was not the healer, that it was the good Lord who was the real healer.

    I believe, I am convinced, that you are quietly bringing back that sensitivity, that humility, that caring heart, back to modern medicine. I have a great appreciation of your sharp mind and your caring heart.

    Your friend,

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