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kathy ha anxiety poem

Anxiety & Me [a poem]

By Kathy Ha | Featured Contributor Does it ever end?I’m tired of the inner turmoilI’m tired of being anxiousthe rollercoaster ride of emotionsswirling and churning withinold scars reopenpast nightmares hauntdoubt invades, fear paralysessilent screams that no one hearsI keep building my walluninviting, tall and proudbut the façade is brittleweathered by […]

Stepping into Unknown Kathy Ha anxiety

Stepping into the Unknown

By Kathy Ha | Featured Contributor Overthinking and overanalyzing is a common problem with anxiety sufferers. The mind likes to run in endless loops of worthless conjecture, questioning, dissecting and criticizing every decision and response. It becomes a hardwired obsessive behavior that leaves the person physically exhausted and emotionally drained. […]