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Self-Reflection with a Giggle.

Dear Diary,

Today was meant to be a day of quiet contemplation. Instead I ended up invariably chuckling… a lot… at myself. A few of the things I did…

MD handwriting

…ponder over my own handwriting and its tragic deterioration over the years…

Doggy Comic-Phoebe-Chi

…daydream about my childhood doggie, who frequently found munching on grass therapeutic…

Chicken surgeon

…ruminate over the life of poultry and its unfortunate deliciousness..


…and reflect upon my initial reasoning for choosing internal medicine, which the above algorithm readily affirmed, reassuring me that I did indeed choose the right specialty.

Have a wonderful week!


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  1. I love this. You’ve a good eye for the absurd:-) I especially like how the the doctor talks in unintelligible scribbles! And how being crazy and having a short attention span makes you good for working in A & E!

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