Serene Samantha Sunday.

A very relaxed Samantha and Puppydoc would like to wish you all a pleasantly sunny day full of warm blessings and widened smiles.


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  1. Dear Dr. Phoebe,

    I once looked forward to Sunday mornings to catch that yellow tabby cat in the comics section…let’s see….I forgot his name.

    Now, I look forward to Sunday mornings to see what sweet little Samantha is up to.

    Dr. Phoebe, please be aware that Samantha may suddenly have strong cravings for lasagna. It is the first tale-tell sign that fame has gone to a cat’s head. Also, please do ignore any meowing demands from Samantha that she wants her own web page. You may have to remind her, from time to time, that she owes it all to you!!!


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