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Dear Friends,

Today, I again open up for another Meet & Greet event. Remember, this is your moment to shine! This is a time for you all to come together to share your blogs and favorite posts, make new connections, and broaden your blog audiences.

The guidelines, like always, are simple…

– To Promote Your Post or Blog –

 Step 1Select a blog post that you would like to share with others.

◊ Step 2: Tell us a little bit about your post and copy and paste the link to it.

◊ Step 3 (very important): Show support to one another through visiting each other’s blogs and likingcommenting, and following. The more love you give to other bloggers, the more you will receive in return—this is a fact!

◊ Step 4: Bookmark this post and revisit as many times as you would like to explore new arrivals. We often get bloggers who join in later, so there are always new blogs to explore.

On these Meet & Greet days, I turn off comment moderation so as to allow you all to easily communicate with each other. So let’s spread some love and make this a great Meet & Greet weekend!



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  1. Thanks so much for hosting this link-up Phoebe!

    Hi everyone! I write Reclaiming HOPE, Learning to Thrive, Not Just Survive, with Fibromyalgia. Although I write about Fibromyalgia, I also do posts about general wellness on Wednesdays. I thought I’d share my latest Wellness Wednesday post about how our thoughts impact our overall wellness:
    Hope you’re all staying safe and well. I’d love it if you popped by for a visit!

  2. Hey there, I am Aditi and this is my blog. I mostly write about stuffs related to life and philosophy.
    Do visit, have a read and let me know your views.

  3. Thank you “Phoebe for your kind support and help”.Your these initiatives are really appreciable and in long turn unforgettable.
    God bless you 🙏🙏🙏💐💐💐💐👍👍👍👍👌👌👌

  4. Hi, guys. I’m the Millennial Sociologist. Yes, I whine a lot, I mean there’s that, but I also have good things to say. I’ve studies society and it’s such a complex thing, so I have this blog, , and that’s where I try to be vocal in talking about my life and my opinions.

    Hop in, you’ll find me there with my random stories. Take care guys.

  5. First of all so grateful to the fellow blogger for proving a platform like this. My blog post is about the changing life with time. How we keep loosing our true essence of inner self while becoming older as we keep moulding ourselves according to the ways of world. How our pure soul and innocence that we had in the childhood vanish as we grew older. I hope you will like and appreciate it. Thanks to all!

  6. Hello everyone I am new to Phoebes blog as well as this is my first time doing an online meet and greet. My blog is just about life’s trials and tribulations for a SAHM or anyone who goes through ups and downs in life. We have a nice little community with no pressure.

    The post I chose to share is Called “A Slave to Society” and has to do with the white collar blue collar standards of life.

    Thank you for this opportunity to get to know other bloggers and expand my humble community! I will be Looking more into your blog soon Phoebe!

  7. Hi Everyone!

    Such a great opportunity Dr. Phoebe, thank you!!!

    I am currently trying to find my purpose in life, but aren’t we all? My life has always been in the fast lane. Adrenaline fueled jobs and careers topped off with me squeezing everything I could out of one single day. But I did so to avoid those awkward, uncomfortable and quiet moments with….myself. My new career, by choice, is a stay-at-home dad. I have never had so much available time. Before, I would fill up my day with mindless tasks. Now, I sit, meditate, read and try my hand at blogging. I just started and it has really provided me an opportunity to sort through everything in my mind and release it in a constructive manner.

    Please take a look at when you have a chance. I am new at it, so any suggestions/recommendations are more than welcomed.