Silly Samantha Sundays

Sibling Selfie Sunday.


Although we are still working on perfecting our group selfie skills,
George, Phoebe, and a miniature Samantha would all like to wish you a wonderfully fluffy start to the week.



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  1. that is beyond precious!! George has a beautiful aura about him…..his eyes are full of peace and contentment, his head/jaw is perfectly shaped. George has beautiful eyes like you! He is one lucky woofie!! xoxo

  2. I see George is being his stoic “Oh Well” self. Samantha looks unconcerned, after all, She’s a cat and naturally adorable. But I must say, it appears they have their paws full keeping their “Human” in line, she does look like she’s active and who knows what she will get into without her bodyguards 😉
    Have a great week.

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