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Will Samantha be my Valentine?


This year, Puppydoc asked Samantha to be her Valentine.

After some deliberation…she said “yes.”

They then sealed the deal with an affectionate head bump…


Therefore, they would like to wish you all a cuddly fuzzy head bump as well…

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. Dear Dr. Phoebe,

    I had quite a scare yesterday. We had to rush my sister to the hospital yesterday, Valentine’s Day, because the pains in her abdomen had her screaming in pain.

    When we got to the hospital in Central Florida, the staff was on top of the ball. The doctor told us that my sister Patti was septic and they were going to call in one of their top surgeons. The good surgeon cancelled her Valentine’s Day supper plans with her husband, which they had reservations at some swanky restaurant.

    They diagnosed my sister with a tear in her Sigmoid Colon. Within ONE HOUR, my sister Patti was in the Operating Room. The surgery was three hours long!!!!

    The Chief Surgeon, who had cancelled her Valentine’s Day supper with her husband, told us that Patti would probably not have seen the light of day today, if she had not had surgery yesterday.

    My sister Patti was in surgical recovery, when my Mom and I left the hospital, late last night.

    So, Dr. Phoebe, thank you for all you do to help other people.

    With much good will, respect, and admiration for all you do for others,
    Your friend,
    PS: As you probably know, when a cat head bumps you, it means that she is claiming you as hers. Hopefully, all this fame and glory won’t go to Samantha’s head too much. They say that Arnold the Pig was a handful to work with, he got such a swelled head. But Mr. Ed stayed humble to his dying day. So, there is hope that Samantha won’t go too Hollywood on you.

    • Hi Richard,

      Oh my goodness I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your sister…but I am SO glad that you got her to the hospital in time and that the surgeons were timely in their care. What a terrible scare indeed! I will keep her in my thoughts this week and pray that she recovers quickly. Wishing the best for both of you!

      As for Samantha, her head still seems to be in the right place…she’s loving and still seems quite humble. So let’s hope she stays that way! πŸ˜‰

      Take care and have a blessed week,

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