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Smile [a poem]

By Pavneet Kaur | Featured Contributor

Smiling is the best exercise
for your body and soul

Smile to add warmth to relations

Smile to build trust

Smile to motivate

Smile to gather strength

Smile in the hope of better times

Smile to spread positivity 

Let your smiling soul
speak the language of compassion
and spread peace and tranquility.


Pavneet Kaur
Pavneet Kaur

An optimistic learner fond of reading and writing, an educator with a keen interest in literature, and blogger at Literature Learners—a place “simply about celebrating creativity.”

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  1. It’s absolutely true , we smile in happiness , we even smile in tough times assuring ourselves that this will soon pass , it’s the easiest way to spread positivity around 😊

  2. In 2009, I returned to India after a two year assignment in the US. Mumbai (where I went back to) seemed different – bigger, more chaotic, more crowded. A lot of my older friends had moved on and I was feeling a little alienated. One day, I visited a nearby mall on my own (as I said, my older friends had moved on and I had not yet made new friends).After my shopping, I visited the food court and saw that they were selling the Mumbai variety of Popsicle – the gola (packed ice on a stick, dipped into a syrup of your choice. Heaven!) I ordered myself one and since all the tables were taken, stood in a corner and was having my gola. It is a messy process and of course i dripped the syrup all over the floor. A janitor was cleaning and I was guilty of making a mess where she had just cleaned. She came up to me – and I was expecting her to show her displeasure. But to my utter surprise, she gave me a very bright and friendly smile! That was the moment when I realized, no matter how crazy Mumbai is, I’m home!

  3. Thankyou Phoebe ,its amazing to be featured as a guest contributor on your website.I simply love your website for its positivity.

    Thanks to all the readers for motivating me and appreciating my efforts.

    Happy World Book Day to all of you!

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