Smiley Samantha Sunday.

A cheery Puppydoc and an inwardly grinning Samantha would like to wish you all a wonderful start to March…filled with fuzzy thoughts and yummy treats.


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  1. she’s got that lean-away and look that says, “Mom, seriously, you’re embarrassing me.” my feline child gives me the same look and lean-away frequently, lol. they’re cute when they do it.

  2. Dear Dr. Phoebe,

    You have to be the coolest doctor on planet earth. My sister Patti had to see three doctors this week. Since she cannot drive yet, I drove her to the doctors. I did get to wait in the waiting room and I did get to talk with the doctors after they saw my sister.

    I hate to say this, but it makes me so sad. I don’t remember the staff at the doctor’s office ever being so indifferent and lacking a friendly spirit. Maybe it is a Central Florida thing. I have this longing, this homesick feeling, this strange remembrance of how friendly and warm the folks who worked in doctors’ offices were, say even 20 years ago.

    Perhaps it is simply a reflection of modern life. But I am convinced, totally convinced, you are pioneering a spirit to turn this all around. Somehow and someway, dear old Dr. Marcus Welby got lost in the shuffle of the passage of time.

    It seems that we have exchanged computer-age, scientific advances for heart-felt compassion. Not in all cases. For you are a shining light in the midst of this Buck Rogers approach to health care.

    I truly appreciate your posts.

    Your Friend,

    • Hi Richard. I’m very sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with the doctors. It no doubt is discouraging to have those kinds of encounters, and I only hope that it was because they were overworked or in a hurry but that they meant well. Or maybe it’s just the environment of that particular facility? In any case, I hope you have more positive experiences in the future. And like always, thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Take care! 😊

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