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Some Ground Rules for the Pandemic [a poem]

By Ralph Dranow | Featured Contributor

Love makes hate laugh,
Says, “Don’t take yourself so seriously.”
Love kisses fear on the lips,
Says, “I’ll take care of you.”

Don’t take yourself so seriously.
We all bleed the same vermillion.
I’ll take care of you
Because you are me.

We all bless the same vermillion.
Love gives away her lunch,
Because you are me
And I am you.

Love gives away her lunch,
Enjoys watching you sate your hunger,
And I am you
And you are the moon and the stars.


Ralph Dranow
Ralph Dranow

I work as a self-employed editor, ghostwriter, and writing coach. My poems and articles have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers. My most recent book, At Work on the Garments of Refuge, is meant to honor my late friend Daniel Marlin. It contains his powerful poems and artwork and my own poems. Some of his poems are about his serious health issues. I live in Oakland, California with my wife, writer, artist, and musician Naomi Rose; stepson Gabriel; and cat Lucinda, embodiment of love.

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  1. I really liked ‘A New Life.’ Is there any way to follow your page, or comment?

  2. My favorite line: ‘We all bleed the same vermillion.’

    Hi, I’m Markie. I am intrigued by your bio! I’ve been exploring different options for freelance writing, but without success so far. Any helpful tips would be appreciated! I’m heading over to your site now, and I’d love if you’d visit my writing blog. I write poetry, opinion pieces, historical essays, and I share a chapter of my novel each Wednesday.

    • HI MARKIE! I have been reading and commenting on your work for several months now. You are an amazing, creative writer! Thank you for checking out my bio and my website. As you can see, I have numerous stories and poems, along with photos taken from 1945-2020, including the time frame when I lived with game preserve caretakers, my grandparents as a child with a terminal disease diagnosis! At age 70 this month, I enjoy reading but am working on book 2 of a historical trilogy about the tiny island game preserve I grew up on in the middle of the Kennebec River in Maine.

      • Good morning (here in Ohio)! Thank you for your kind words, they are such an encouragement in between book rejections.

        And Happy 70th Birthday!!

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