Silly Samantha Sundays

Still Here Samantha Sunday.

Samantha and Puppydoc–being well aware of how terribly inconsistent they are at blogging–would simply like to make a quick appearance to tell you all that
we miss you and that–yes…we are still indeed alive. 

Many fluffy hugs to you all!

With love,
Samantha & Puppydoc


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  1. I have been missing you. Hope all is well. You are a great encourager. I hope we can encourage you with all these comments as well. <3 you

  2. It is very hard to keep regular posts when you also have a life – don’t feel the least bit guilty! Which reminds me, did I imagine it or were you considering setting up a ‘work’ post dealing with cardiac or cholesterol problems and treatment? I was sure I saw something but cannot find it (no urgent reason). Anyway, my very best wishes, Tony.

  3. What a wonderful way to start my Sunday. Have missed your smiling face and purrfect poses of Samantha. Don’t stay away so long.😘🐈💐

  4. Oh how HAPPY this made me today!!! I sooooooooooooooooooo miss you and Samantha!! If nothing else, please, please post you and Samantha? You TOTALLY make my day when you do! Hoping all is well and love and miss you!!!! xoxoxo

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