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Strength [a poem]

By Natalie Rabinowitz | Featured Contributor

Life has ups and is a journey.
Life has downs and challenges us.
And with that, it is how we weather the storm
that allows us to come through strong as a rock.
Experiences that make us resilient,
builds character, gives us wisdom.

And we continue;
as life has ups
and life has downs.


Author Bio
Author Bio

Hello, I am Natalie. A former South African who emigrated to America for a better future during the Apartheid era. While fortunate to have spent summers in France, I lived in New York and Boston. I then settled down along the front range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. One never knows where life will take them. With that, my far-out job allowed me to move to London, where I currently reside; exploring cultures and castles throughout Europe and revel in laid back environments. My life has been very eclectic. As I am now in my fabulous 50s, I have been contemplating a new beginning. What I thought was a midlife crisis, has turned out to be a midlife reawakening.

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