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A Coupon Gift for You 🌷

Thank you for your support of Pendants for a Cause! To encourage continued awareness of this effort, I want to offer everyone on WordPress a gift…in the form of a coupon code that can be applied to anything in the Etsy shop (and where I will personally donate the discounted difference of all purchases)…

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Let’s Empower One Another πŸ’•

Your words matter. You may not know it, but many times your blog posts help to brighten my day. You are all so awesome and unique, and it shows through your writing.

Today, I again open up PhoebeMD.com for you all to share your blogs, make new connections, and broaden your audiences. The guidelines, like always, are simple…

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You Matter πŸ’›

β€œNo act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”  —Aesop


A beautiful quote for a beautiful day. Today, we will continue the Promote-a-Post event. Even if you have already shared a post, you are welcome to share another one today! Simply click here to join the party.

Let’s continue supporting each other. So go ahead and make your presence known–say hello, visit some blogs…and let’s make today a beautiful day!


Promote Your Blog…Give a Smile πŸ’š

Dear Friends,

One of the things I have come to love about blogging is seeing you all make connections with each other during our Meet & Greet days. Therefore, I would like to give you all more opportunities to promote your blogs on PhoebeMD.com – while adding some creativity to the process.

Therefore, here are the guidelines for today…

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