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Puppydoc Misses You!

It is an unfortunate but fairly scientific fact that I have been woefully neglecting the blogosphere, and as a result, have failed to keep up withΒ your updates.

I’m so sorry!

While I admit that life sometimes does that…
having lost touch with all you wonderful bloggers
makes me indeed, quite sad…

Therefore, I invite you to reach out to me
through these other avenues:

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(Click on your favorite icon)

Hope to see you soon.



β€’ Monteagudo, Bolivia β€’

This is where tuberculosis patients, including little Luis’ father, were kept, quarantinedΒ away from other patients. It is quite different from the standard isolation facilities seen at most hospitals today, but this is all they had, and they made the most of it.

Outside is where little Luis played while visiting the hospital.Β 

And Puppydoc did end up getting latent TB after caring for the patients, but she took medicine and is now all better.Β 


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