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Silent whispers of a wistful heart beseech us not to leave, so let us glide in your sweet tide until the ebbing eve…

To Let the Heart Speak.

What do I write about when I have nothing to write about?

When my lips have nothing to say?

Do I paint for you visions
of hollow chimes adrift
in snow whose songs
mesmerize with
each sway of
the wind’s

Do I liken you to a single rose
who has but endured a
winter’s wrath to
yield this bed
of fragrant

Or do I reflect upon my life as it is,
to tell you how much I treasure
the privilege of being able to
help others, to care for
you whenever
you are

Do I try to express how tremendous my
heart feels when I tell you that it is
going to be alright, or when we
know that it may not, that
we will conquer it

The Tearing.

under the
silent shadows
of a thought unborn.
Ardent flames, its lingering kiss,
bittersweet sigh of a withering embrace.
A mind deceiving, its essence departing,
threadbare wishes abandoned within
the remains of a waning heart –
a heart entrusted to you
to love.

When the Heart Stops.

A cross to the other side…

The Longing.


Florid embrace of a fragrant breeze
caresses against my skin.
Starlight waltzing mesmerize
over shadows of fading sun.
An ember kiss, soft aglow
a breath of winter’s song.
Captivated, lingering-
My tranquil heart stirs.

The Big Heart.

Dilated cardiomyopathy

Limbs flooded,
lungs immersed,
skin engorged-
you chase it off.
after pill.

Twilight wheezes
upon three pillows.

are your breaths
as you gasp,
hunger unquenched.

fatigue intractable.
Slowly you ascend.

you conquer,
Your heart full.

Your dilated cardiomyopathy.

A Love Unknown.

Flames softening a heart of stone
fading away each zealous stream.
A spirit dulled through nights of black
blossoms stars from a faerie dream.
A soul once dampened by frigid tears
warmed by a love now found.
Mangled wings bound by the sun
now airily flitter upon the clouds.

Drifting through the sands of time,
celestial burning suffuse the night.
The sweetness of the morning dew
caress my heart with wondrous light.
Your grace, beauty, and wisdom great
have seized my heart in awe unbound,
The earth, now below us, faint-
how sublime it is, this love we’ve found.

Let Him Speak for Me…


A few words by Shakespeare which speak more truthfully than any piece I could write at the moment… The flaming sighs that boil within my breast Sometime break forth; and they can well declare The heart’s unrest, and how that it doth fare, The pain thereof,…

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