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changing of seasons poem

The Song of Summer’s Ending [a poem]

By Ingrid | Featured Contributor

The song of Summer’s ending
Lament to lost enchanted days
Sings in the early autumn winds
And rustling leaves born on the breeze
And echoes through the avenues
Of the early turning trees.

The parting hymn of Autumn
Sung soft into the evening wind
Sighs mournfully, and solemn
Leaving not a breath of warmth behind
It lilts and moans
In tilts and groans
The falling leaves to find.

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chronic pain poem

Chronic Pain [a poem]

By Dr. Yagya Prasad Timalsina | Featured Contributor

Minutes, hours, days and months
Months slipped into years.
The sensation, that unpleasant sensation
Medical term: Chronic Pain

Slowly, the dull-aching agony progresses.
From one part of the body to the next,
Shifts the gear of misery
Into the horrible agonizing burning pain.
The Pain Scale: Ten Out Of Ten

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