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I Want to Follow You [on Twitter]!

Happy Sunday, friends!

I was sad to realize recently that I am not connected to a lot of WordPress folks on Twitter. So in order to find you all easily and to also encourage the mutual supporting of each other on social media, I wanted to go about this process in a classic Meet & Greet style by having you promote your account on my blog.

What this means is that you simply…

  1. Leave a comment with a direct link to your Twitter account or your Twitter handle
  2. Take a second to support each other by following your fellow bloggers

That’s it!

I look forward to discovering and following all of you!


Phoebe 💙


Puppydoc Misses You!

It is an unfortunate but fairly scientific fact that I have been woefully neglecting the blogosphere, and as a result, have failed to keep up with your updates.

I’m so sorry!

While I admit that life sometimes does that…
having lost touch with all you wonderful bloggers
makes me indeed, quite sad…

Therefore, I invite you to reach out to me
through these other avenues:

IMG_1030.JPG          IMG_1031.JPG

(Click on your favorite icon)

Hope to see you soon.


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