The Birth of PuppyDoc.

Once upon a time there existed a doc
who had a pet cat and listened to Bach.

This doc was described as, ‘fun, loyal, and lovey,’
therefore she eventually was dubbed the name Puppy.’

In general, this Puppy lived quite a blessed life,
but a life of high pressure and occasional strife.

She loved her profession and for this she was glad, 
but certain times events would make her feel sad.

She cared for her patients and strived to make them well, 
So when they declined, she’d be down with no one to tell. 

In a way, this describes how “Musings” was born–
Because poetry was, in a manner, her way to mourn.

But then little by little came some blogging buddies–
so dear and supportive– for this she felt lucky.

So all you should know that she treasures EACH one of you,
for when reading your blogs…why–she can never be blue! 

In short…this is how a doc who thinks she’s a dog
winds up creating…a poetry blog.



A big thank you to PlotlessOne for this award.
Your blog is full of awesomeness.


Now for my nominations (in alphabetical order):

Christopher of The Brown Bag Special

Colin of A Dog’s Life

Debra of C-Dog & Company

Jane of InLoveLustandLaughter

Noodle of The Adventures of Noodle

Pam and Sammy of OneSpoiledCat

And finally, PuppyDoc’s encouragement to new bloggers: 

Keep on blogging your heart out!
You may not know it, but what you write is making a difference to someone, somewhere.


With Love, 


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  1. Great stuff Phoebe. Just like you, I write to “heal” myself, and somehow get things off my chest.

    I can feel your pain though, each time a beloved pet has to go, a part of us die with them. And in your case, you must’ve seen quite a number of losses.

    I look forward to checking out more of your writing.

    PS. Love the photo of you and the cat!

    • Thank you! 🙂 I do love animals a lot and get very sad when one passes. But, just to clarify…my patients are more human…as I am sort of a human doctor. 😉 Have a great day!

      • Sometimes, the pets we keep and the animals we love turn out to be more compassionate and understanding than most humans. I agree, it gives them a more human air than their appearance suggests.

  2. I am honored to know such a person as you… always like to see you stop by my blog as well and like a thing or two that I have written….. I value your “liking” at times…so thank you dear… does not go unnoticed ..not ever… 🙂

    Talk to us here anytime you wish through your poetry and funny pics…happy to be a blogging buddy amidst all the rest… sharing your days good or bad…it makes the world a little smaller and more intimate for us all…..

  3. Well I’m beyond words! But I’ll try as any good blogger would to get past that in order to thank you for the honor of nominating us for the award. We love your blog too – it moves me in many ways and makes me think and consider things outside my immediate “zone” ….. my close ties to the medical community and my own experience with illness make me see things not everyone sees too perhaps. BUT – be assured that we will pass on this honor to some of our blog friends in the spirit you passed it on to us and the others you honored…… Thanks Phoebe and Sammy and I send hugs to you AND Samantha……………

    Love, Pam and Sam

  4. Congratulations on an honor well deserved, Phoebe! And before I forget to mention: What a lovely photo of you and Sam!

    It’s terrific that you found blogging to help “heal” you from your healing job, and at the same time all of us readers have been healed by your words, art (and yes, those darn cute photos of Sam). Such a wonderful circle of light and love!

    And thank you so much for the nomination; I’m very honored and will try to get on it right away (darn carpal tunnel is slowing me down here lately, but slept with a brace last night and feel so much better). I always look forward to reading your posts — keep ’em coming! 🙂

      • Well, I do so appreciate your kind words and thoughts, Phoebe. I’m enjoying blogging very much, and much of the reason is getting to know wonderful people such as yourself.

        Wrist brace worked wonders last night, 🙂

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