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The Hug Token.

Today, I had the feeling I needed a hug.

So, I hugged a mom…


…then I hugged a friend…

hug-tharani (1)

…why, I even hugged a taro plant…


…because sometimes, we all need a hug like that.


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  1. Here is a spiritual hug and embrace for you my sister…smile you are loved by many!

    A Spiritual Embrace

    As I meet another brother or sister
    There’s something wonderful which I see
    It’s the deepness of their inner spirit
    With a genuine heart which inspires me

    When I hear what another might speak
    Whether written down or spoken words
    So much beauty I find embraces my ears
    For a heavenly harmony I find is heard

    When I embrace the spirit of another
    Within a very special spiritual hug
    I know Lord I am also hugged tenderly
    By the spiritual treasure of Your love

    No one else Lord can fill our hearts
    That special way which we find you do
    As you allow us to share spiritual hugs
    To the many hearts who are seeking you

    For they see your life light in our eyes
    As they feel an energy they cannot ignore
    That sweeps their hearts and minds away
    Leaving a special hunger to seek You more

    Hugs and blessings always!

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